Yoga and Fitness Mat 4 asst. Umbro 173x58x0.4cm

Yoga and Fitness Mat 4as. Umbro 173x58x0,4cm ca.820gr PVC SHK/IN

The mat is suitable for yoga or other floor exercises. It provides a non-slip and cushioned soft surface,which makes it easier to perform floor exercises and yoga asanas safely and comfortably. Durable from wear and tear, washable, stylish and easy to roll up. 



  • Excellent for yoga asanas, pilates or any floor exercises
  • Small and convenient to carry it can be used outdoors at home in the office in the playground.
  • Double-sided foam material, dustproof design environmental protection and anti-bacterial anti-static
  • Soft excellent flexibility can reduce the pain of the body in contact with the ground slip effects and excellent toughness and high tensile strength
  • Light weight small size easy to carry
  • Have good elasticity smooth non slip
  • Environmental protection and high density insulation 
  • Prevents cold and wet ground for comfortable and safe workout
  • Reversible soft and lightweight can be rolled and stored in compact spaces
  • Easy cleaning. The yoga mat doesn’t absorb water and it is easy to clean.
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Yoga and Fitness Mat 4 asst. Umbro 173x58x0.4cm is available to buy in multiples of 6