The Dino Next Door Picture Flat Storybook 0% VAT

Daisy and Dinosaur hate being neighbors!

This delightful children's story that takes young readers on an exciting journey of friendship and cooperation. This heartwarming tale follows the adventures of Daisy and Dinosaur, two unlikely neighbors who can't seem to get along.

Daisy and Dinosaur live next door to each other, but instead of being the best of friends, they spend their days annoying each other with their noisy games. From morning until night, their antics create a constant commotion that disrupts the neighborhood.

However, their world is turned upside down when a mysterious new house suddenly appears between them creating a barrier that forces Daisy and Dinosaur to confront their differences. Will they be able to put aside their disagreements and find a way to work together? Can this new neighbor be the key to bringing them closer?

In "The Dino Next Door", young readers will discover the joy of overcoming differences, embracing friendship, and learning the importance of cooperation.

With illustrations that bring Daisy and Dinosaur's world to life and a heartwarming storyline that resonates with kids and parents alike, "The Dino Next Door” is an ideal addition to any child's library. It's a must-read for bedtime stories, playtime adventures, and sharing valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork, and understanding.

* High-quality storybooks with universal appeal

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* Amazing value for money

Age Range: From 3 years to 6 years

Height/Width (mm): 250mm x 250mm Height/Width (inch): 9.75in x 9.75in

Pages: 24

Cover: Gloss Lamination:

Format: Paperback: Sewn

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