GAA Supporter Footballs Size 5 Unpumped Blue

35 blue Size 5 leather Footballs shipped unpumped.

Our GAA footballs have an Airlock bladder . This has 3 times more air retention power in comparison other footballs in the market which have a normal Hi Tech Latex bladder.  

* Surface made with fine blend of Natural and Synthetic Rubber for Ultra grip and handling

* Back laminated with 2 layers of Cotton Canvas and Polyester Viscose.

* Fitted with highest technology AIRLOCK Bladder which has 3 times more Air Retention power than any normal bladder

* Heavy Pressure Machine stitched

*Tested for size, weight, diameter, roundness & rebound

*Materials are tested for hardness, abrasion resistance, and water resistance

gaa football BLUE gaa football

In stock
GAA Supporter Footballs Size 5 Unpumped Blue is available to buy in multiples of 35
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