2024 Olympics Basketballs Bin Sizes 3,5,7 24pces

Our 2024 Olympics Basketball Bin features 24 quality basketballsballs- prepumped and delivered to your store in a bespoke display bin.

  • Size 3 x 8 pces  RRP €10.00
  • Size 5 x 8 pces RRP €12.00
  • Size 7 x 8 pces RRP €14.00

Molded from a blend of Natural and Synthetic Rubber to cope up with rougher conditions. High Raised grip pattern. Nylon Wound Butyl Bladder. Waterproof. Size 3 - Weight 280gms. Circumference 56cm. Size 5 - Weight 450gms. Circumference 70cm. Size 7 - Weight 600gms. Circumference 75cm.


Celebrate the 2024 Paris Olympics with our Olympic-themed sports products in which Ireland is competing! Soccer, rugby, badminton, basketball and golf all feature

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